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Smartphone & Tablet Integration

Nationwide Hit2Talk Radio App Integration Over Cellular Network

Whether your fleet communicates via push-to-talk radios or smartphones, Hit2Talk® allows for instant and effective communication. Connecting each member of your team, from management to workforce. Our Hit2Talk communication works across any cellular network allowing workers to communicate in private or group mode, regardless of their provider. Access worker locations, receive geofence alerts, and communicate, all with our intuitive app.

Need to talk to your entire workforce from your smartphone? Simple.

Send and receive messages from your workforce via their nationwide push-to-talk radios or the TeamConnect for Smartphone app.

Need to update a worker on their Hit2Talk radio instantly? Easy.

Reach your workers at any time, regardless of loud & rugged environments or if your drivers are operating vehicles that must abide DOT safety regulations.

Need to communicate to multiple co-workers on different devices/carriers? Done.

With our TeamConnect for Smartphone app, you can communicate to your workers regardless of their device or mobile carrier.

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