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Hit2Talk is a Push-to-Talk (PTT/PoC) solution that enables any mobile device (phone, tablet or LTE connected Walkie-Talkie) the ability to communicate globally and instantly with a single click. 


Get a sneak peek of the Hit2Talk action.


Welcome to Hit2Talk! Our website will give you the 101 that so many work sites are benefitting today. Whether you're a retailer, a warehouse with 5 locations, or a multi-unit enterprise with hundreds of employees scattered around the globe, Hit2Talk will keep you connected. 

An integrated solution application that can talk, dispatch, broadcast, and GPS track, & so much more. This solution is made to ease the pain-points of wide range communication while offering the flexibility of custom channels and keeping safety in mind. 

Main Features

Nationwide Push-To-Talk

Hit2talk offers real-time individual, group, and all-out PTT communication around the nation. Connected for security.

Location Tracking

Experience real-time GPS location & tracking. Our dispatch console allows admins to provide oversight.


Hit2talk supports the ability to send broadcasts and messages to specific channels. Screened devices also benefit from text communication as well.

Cloud Server

Hit2talk's cloud server provides backups of all data stored for user administrative convenience.

Reliable Security

Encrypted codes are programmed to ensure the security of the data stored in the cloud servers.

Record Replay

Record Replay: Messages sent can be be saved and replayed in the dispatch console.

SOS Alert

SOS monitoring with GPS tracking is provided to keep people. 

Instant Text Messaging

Send text communication



Set the tone with your branding. Our services can incorporate your rules, and your branding.



Own Your OEM PTT Solution

At Hit2Talk, we believe in the power of our customer. Our solution process is designed to tailor to your customizations such as APP features, terminals, settings, etc. Hit us up for more information!


We’re Here to Service You

Contact us for a listing of our Products, Services, & Resell Opportunities:

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