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Global Intercom system

Hit2Talk is a Push-to-Talk over Cellular communication system (or PoC) that allows you to talk to one or a thousand people in an instant with unrestricted international access. Hit2talk system integrates various modern communication features, such as global audio conversation, voice recording, real-time video calls, text, GPS tracking, and SOS emergency alarms, etc. Complete Hit2talk system products include Web Management, iOS and Android PTT Apps, PC dispatch console software. Hit2talk PTT solutions can solve communication problems in construction, commerce, utilities, fleet management, people management, guard patrols, facilities and security, etc. Regardless of the distance, you can easily connect to your team on different devices (two-way radio or mobile phone) across the Hit2talk Push-to-Talk network.



You can login Hit2talk App via terminals like poc radio, cell phone and so on. Hit2talk is adaptable to both Android and IOS terminals. It is easy to download and use. Also, users can experience functions like push to talk, dispatcher, gps position, phone, and broadcasting, etc.


Management Platform

Login the Hit2talk management website to create/management sub-agent accounts or company accounts,  user account, groups, etc.  There are two version management accounts: agent account & company account.

Agent Account: Distribution agents can log in to the Hit2talk agent management website. Then,  create sub-agent accounts or company accounts for the client in the management platform.  If necessary, you can also create/manage user accounts and groups for Sub-agents and Sub-companies.  On the agent account, you can handle the subordinate client's account renewal requests.

Company Account: On company account, you can create/manage user accounts and groups. When the accounts expired, you can use the time card to renew.







Accout & Password

According to the type of terminals, they can be divided into with-screen device and without-screen device. Different type of device has different login method. With-screen device uses IMEI, ICCID or account plus password to login while without-screen device uses IMEI or ICCID to login.

a. IMEI: IMEI is the ID of the device To login with IMEI, user needs to bind the IMEI with the designated account in the Comlins admin platform in his first login. If the bind is successful, the device will automatically login the account every time

b. ICCID: ICCID is the ID of your SIM card. To login with ICCID, user needs to bind the ICCID with the designated account in the Comlins admin platform in his first login. If the bind is successful, the device will automatically login the account every time.

c. Account plus password: a normal login method: Input the account and password in your device first, then enter the corresponding ip address to login.

Notice:Each IMEI/ICCID can only bind one account. Once the account is bound, then it is activated so the available using time starts to count. IMEI/ICCID can’t be deleted but changed. If you wrongly delete the IMEI/ICCID, the account is disabled.

Dispatch console


Hit2Talk dispatch

User can login the Hit2talk dispatch console via pc. The dispatcher can do the following things in the dispatcher console: talk to all terminal users, track all users’ position, send messages, SOS alarm, send broadcasting, etc. In large-scale sports events, companies of various sizes, teams, organizations, and other scenarios, the dispatch console is connected to the frontline site to play an important role in monitoring, statistics, analysis, coordination, and command.


Hit2talk is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and with a variety of smart radios and rugged devices.


Smartphones with Android 4.0+ or iOS 10.2+ operating system

Mobile Radios

Mobile radios running Android system

PoC Devices

PoC devices running Android 4.0 or higher

  • How to enter the channel and talk?
    Step 1: Create the Groups on Hit2talk management website. Select the accounts you want to add to that group. Step 2: Login in Hit2talk PTT APP, select join to a different group. Groups work like channel for analog two way radio
  • What is the difference between agency account and company account?
    In the agency account, you have rights to create the sub-agency accounts and company accounts, manage all the agency and company accounts. In the company account, you can create/manage the groups and user accounts.
  • How much data will i cost if i use Hit2talk?
    Normal use: 300-500Mb per month; Frequent use: About 1Gb per month.
  • How many groups can I create? How many members can a group hold at most?
    Currently, each company account can create 200 groups, each group can hold 2000 users. It also can be expanded according to the customers' needs.
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